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Workshop Brochure: Click here to download the PDF Brochure.

Topic:  Android Application Development.
(Difficulty level: For Beginners ).

Date / Location:
Date : 
Sunday, 22nd April, 2018.  10:30am to 5:30pm.

Address: Talent Valley, 12, Satya Niketan, 1st Floor, Service Lane, Benito Juarez Marg, Next To Cafe Coffee Day, Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021. Click here for Map.

Summary:   There are only 40 seats for the Workshop.
This one day session will help the students understand the Android Application Development and make them capable of creating a variety of Business Apps as well as Android Games. You DO NOT have to bring your Laptop, we will help you learn by live coding and you will be provided lots of Project & code to practise at home. We will help create teams in which you can connect to each other and do joint study later. We will also provide free snacks in the break, so just bring a notebook to make notes, nothing else! Dress comfortably and be happy, you will love this educating experience! After the workshop, if you do some practise, we will also provide nationwide placement assistance.

Is it possible to learn in 1 Day?  

Of course! With an exceptionally good teacher, and a great syllabus, Yes! We have been hired by IIT Kharagpur to software companies, as well as we have organize such events for freshers many times.  IIT has selected us thrice for this same seminar and the students have learned enough to launch their own live apps in the Google Play Store .

You will be taught, explained all the topics in good details and coding will be done in front of you so that you understand well. Next, you will be provide with an online android resource library with ebooks, several step by step projects, each explaining the topics of Android taught in the workshop. You will also receive full source code of complete projects. You can use these at home for revision and further studies.

The Faculty, Nikhil, has been called several times by IITs & MNCs to provide Android Trainings. Here are pics from his Latest Seminar, from the Alma Mater of the CEO Of Google Sundar Pichai – IIT Kharagpur.

Duration:  7 Hours.

The 7 Hour seminar is divided into 14 Classes on 30 minutes duration each:

Detailed Breakup of Course: There are 14 Classes, time requirement are about 30 minutes each.

1. The Future of Mobile, Understanding Android.
2. Android Architecture, The Dalvik Virtual Machine.
3. Sensors, Understanding the Hardware, ETC.
4. Java for Android.
5. Your First Android App.
6. Android Installation. Setting up Emulators, Application life cycle.
7. Activities, XML Layouts, Form Widgets, Intents.
8. Creating a functionally complete App – A Dictionary App.
9. Android Concepts, Content providers, Notifications, Toasts.
10. Working with resources, Images & Button XMLs, Media Player.
11. Security in Android Apps, Manifest & Permissions.
12. Canvas Animation, Android Game Engine.
13. Complete Android Game.
14. Wrap Up, Question Answer, Learning Further.

Course Materials:
For each stage, sample code will be uploaded for Free download by the students. The students will be provided password to a download section on our website from where they can retrieve the code after the seminar.

Android Seminar Workshop

Faculty Profile:
Mr. Nikhil Narayan is one of the first Android developers who started the first Android training in India back in 2009. He is an acclaimed educator and is popular as the best IT trainer in Eastern India. He has been mentioned in several leading Newspapers, and teaches regularly as a corporate trainer at many software companies. An outstanding and inspiring speaker, he has given presentations in IIM-Ahmedabad, IIT Kharagpur etc.


Certificates & Software:
Certificates for attending the Workshop will be provided to each student.   Additionally, access to online library containing reference materials, installation files and sample projects will also be provided to each student. Since we are the First Android Institute, ISO Certified & our rank is #1 on Google ( ) , our certificates are widely recognized. Click here to see the Certificates and CDs provided to the IIT attendees, note that the certificate we provide you will be different and you will get the software from our online library.


Pricing: Register on or before Thu 19th April, 2018.

Single Registration: Rs.900/- per person only (All Inclusive, Seminar+Certificates+Lunch).
Group Registration: For batches of 2 or more, it a discount of Rs.100 per student applies (Rs.800 each) (All Inclusive, Seminar+Certificates+Lunch).

Only a few seats are remaining!

Registration will close if seats are full.

How to register:

Option 1: Online Registration: To register online, use the links given below.

Specially for Delhi!!! 100% Risk free Registration process for the DelhiWorkshop on 22/4/2018. Please watch the video to understand payment Option 2 or 3.

Option 2: Pay Partial Fee as Advance: Pay any amount between Rs.1 to Rs.900 online, and pay the Rest in cash when you arrive at the venue.

Option 3: Register with a Verbal Commitment! Please Email us on OR WhatsApp your video on 08620007775. Watch the Risk Free video above to understand the process.

Recommendation Letter:
 Click here to see what the organizers at the IIT Seminars say about Nikhil.

Android Workshop By Nikhil at IIT Kharagpur



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