About Us

Being a Fresher without a good job can be a very hard experience, perhaps this video by our CEO , Nikhil Narayan can help you. A must see for all Frehsers.

Increasingly, Software Developers around India are feeling frustrated – no good companies, not enough salaries, no job satisfaction. If you are a working professional, you MUST see this video.

AndroidInstitute.in is the website for the Android Training wing of IPEG Solutions(FreshersIndia). Visit our website www.freshersindia.com for knowing more about us.

We believe that every human is special and can easily learn the most advanced technologies with a little hard work and customized trainings from us. We @ IPEG Solutions have taken an initiative to train all type of professionals in such a way so that they could enhance their skills on some of the newest technoogies. Professionals can add value to their work through these tools in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Management Profile: Nikhil Narayan is one of the founders of IPEG Solutions. He is famous as the best Trainer for programming in Eastern India. He was the first to have started PHP training in India, back in 2004 and the First to have started Android Training in india, back in 2009. He is a BE in Information Technology from the Indian Institute of Information Technology. He regularly provides corporate trainings on Web and Mobile technologies to several software companies, as well as educational organizations.